Survey™ Project Network

This network is created for Testing and Demonstration purposes.

The network consists of websites based on the latest version of the Survey™ Project webapplication.

Both sites (Demo and Test) will be refreshed and replaced periodically. No backups are made.

In case of technical problems mail to:

Survey™ Project sites

Survey™ Project Community
Survey™ Project Business Services
Survey™ Project Development
Survey™ Project Downloads
Survey™ Project YouTube Channel
Survey Project Facebook
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Survey Project LinkedIn

Questions & Contact

You can contact us or ask your questions by using:

Survey™ Project Forums
Survey Project Contact form

or send an email to:


These sites are for testing and demonstration purposes only. All data entered and used are public and unsecured. Never use for production purposes.


  • Introduction

    The Survey™ Project Demo site gives access to a live production like version of the survey tool [v.2.4 Stable].

    Once logged in you will have many of the authorisations of an "administrator" to try and test the Survey™ application.

    For maintenance and security reasons not all features are available in this demo. You should however get a good impression of the different features of the Survey™ tool.

  • Access

    Survey™ Demo login:

    username: demo
    password: SPdemo_1

    Click to get started:
  • Helpfiles

    Helpfiles are part of the Survey™ tool. Use menu Help or click the help-buttons). More information can be found at the Survey™ Project sites.

  • Survey Results

    To check the results of your own work on the demo Survey see the "Campaigns/Preview" menuoption.

  • Languages

    The culture/ language setting of your webbrowser determine the language used to present webpage texts. The default Survey™ language used is English [en-US].

    You can switch languages by changing browser settings (option: languages). English, German, Dutch and French are fully supported. Texts for other languages are partially available.


  • Introduction

    The Survey™ testsite is used for testing and development purposes by the Project Testteam members.

  • Access

    Access is only available to Survey™ project teammembers (test team, development team). Authorisation requests can be send to:

    Click to get started:
  • Testing

    Instructions on testing can be found on the intranetpages of the Community site at

    Issues and findings can be registered through the Github site at The use of the Github Issue registration is free to every registered Github user.

  • Join the Testteam

    All Survey™ users are invited to submit any findings. To actively join the Survey™ Project Quality Assurance & Testing team go here.
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